GTT Training to implement training program for worlds first LNG Bunker Barge

GTT subsidiaries GTT North America, Inc. has announced the award of the first contract of its kind for the development and implementation of a comprehensive LNG training program for the 2,200 m3 LNG Bunker Barge, currently under construction at Conrad Shipyard in Orange, TX. The contract was executed with the barge’s owner TOTE on April 6th, 2016 for the training of the tug and LNG barge crew, which will ultimately be able to receive U.S. Coast Guard approval.

At present, there are no LNG specific competency and training standards for LNG barges that can serve as basis to establish crew credentials and qualifications by the Flag authorities. GTT North America will collaborate with GTT Training, its training sister company, and STAR Center, an internationally recognized and U.S.C.G. accredited LNG training center located near Miami, FL, and work closely with TOTE to obtain the necessary approval from U.S.C.G.

The LNG training program will consist of standard LNG courses typically administered to the crew of LNG Carriers,., for “Tankship Person in Charge LG” and “Tankerman Assistant LG” as well as specialized training courses dedicated for the LNG barge which will consist of the following elements:

·         GTT’s purpose-built LNG barge cargo operations simulator course
·         Barge equipment familiarization and training
·         Seatime equivalency training

 The LNG barge simulator,  developed by GTT Training, will run on its G-Sim software and is designed to allow the simulation of any type of LNG transfer, barge-to-ship, barge-to-shore, and barge-from-shore, including the interface of different types of tank systems. The simulation model allows all the operations that will be conducted on the real barge and offers a “hands-on” pragmatic training module with special focus on more difficult and non-standard operations of the barge, including problem-solving and cargo systems fault diagnosis.