Who is it for:
Suitable for those persons who may have a marine background, but who do not have much, if any experience of LNG vessels, and who will be taking up the role of coordinator between the vessel and terminal. The course will also be applicable to anybody who wishes to have a better understanding of LNG vessels and the operations they may conduct at a LNG loading or discharge terminal.

The course content will be adapted to suit the requirements of individual clients and be designed to focus on either a loading or discharge terminals, though both can be included if required.

Syllabus: The course is designed to provide delegates, with a good understanding about the design of LNG Carriers that may be encountered and a detailed undertanding about the cargo related operations that may be conducted at a LNG loading or discharging terminal. Subjects covered will include:

  • The various designs of LNG Carrier, including details of the containment and propulsion system options and the resulting operational requirements
  • The principles underlying the operations that need to be conducted
  • Design and operation of the equipment required in the undertaking of those operations
  • Details of the safety systems that are implemented throughout
  • Undertaking of cargo operations that may be conducted alongside an LNG Terminal

Methodology: This is an intensive course that uses a blended learning approach of a combination of lectures to cover the underpinning theoretical knowledge, practical exercises conducted using the real time LNG simulator (G-Sim), and de-briefing sessions.

Certification: Upon completion each delegate will receive a certificate issued by GTT Training.

Duration: Various - normally 2-4 days

Location: Can take place at a time or place of your convenience equipped with a suitable room or at our dedicated training centres located near Paris, or Houston


Schedule: On request

Price: On request

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