Commercial Aspects of Liquefied Natural Gas

If you are in a business that uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) – and there are many where it is an essential fuel – then you need your staff to have the correct training in handling, transporting and using this versatile and volatile fuel. Health and safety matters and industry regulations and standards need to be adhered to, and where dangerous materials are involved this is even more important. At GTT Training Ltd you will find a choice of specialised courses that cover all the commercial aspects of liquefied natural gas, and with experts on hand to train your staff you can be sure all the details are fully explained.

GTT Training Ltd can boast many years of experience in training people how to deal with liquefied natural gas, the containment systems, what its uses are and how best to move it from one place to another.  It is therefore  ideally placed to make sure everyone who will come into contact with LNG understands the care needed to handle, use and move it correctly.

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