GTT Training specialise in designing courses that may cover any aspect of LNG or other liquefied gases to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. Courses may include any aspect including containment systems, cargo operations, safety procedures and processes or commercial matters.

Within our 'Specialist' portfolio the fllowing courses are already available:

  • FSRU Operations
  • LNG Terminal Marine Coordinators
  • LNG & Liquid Hydrocarbon Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer Operations

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FSRU Operations

A course designed to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills for those persons who will be directly or indirectly with the operation of FSRU vessels.

A 2 day course that provides a detailed introduction into the various FSRU system options, the associated equipment and operating procedures that may be encountered when operating an FSRU

LNG Marine Terminal Coordinators

A course designed specifically for persons who may have a marine background, but who do not have much, if any experience of LNG vessels, and who will be taking up the role of coordinator between the vessel and terminal.

Normally a 2 or 3 day course, that provides a detailed introduction to the various types of LNG Carrier that may be encountered and provides teh delegates with the opportunity to undertake teh respective cargo operations that may be conducted alongside a terminal using our LNG Operations Simulator.

The course content can be adjusted to suit loading or discharging terminals, as required.

[LNG & Liquid Hydrocarbon Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer Operations]

Designed for all officers and personnel who will sail on board vessels that will perform STS operations, particularly for LNG Carriers, and those who will be responsible for the safe planning and preparation of STS ops

STS (sm).jpg

A two day course that focuses on ensuring the attendees understand all the aspects involved in the undertaking STS operations including a comparison between the differences between STS operations for LNG and Oil vessels.