The following courses provide attendees with an understanding of the various different aspects that have to be considered when using LNG as a marine fuel. These include what should be considered when designing the vessels, the appropriate systems, maintaining safety and how to deal with events relating to the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

  • LNG as a Marine Fuel - Introduction
  • LNG as a Marine Fuel and Bunkering Operations
  • Go for LNG

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LNG as a Marine Fuel - Introduction

A introductory course designed to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills for those persons involved directly or indirectly with the bunkering and use of LNG as a marine fuel.

A 1 day course that provides a detailed introduction into technical, practical and safety aspects involved when LNG is used as a marine fuel and some of the implications that have to be considered.

LNG as a Marine Fuel and Bunkering Operations

A course that provides a deeper understanding of using LNG as a marine fuel for those persons who will be directly involved in maintaining and operating the LNG systems on board vessels.

A 2 day course that as well as covering the general hazards and technical requirements related to using LNG as a marine fuel, it also covers the requirements associated with bunkering operations and the transfer systems available, the various gas systems that may be installed for storage and propulsion, and what has to be considered to ensure all activities can be conducted whilst maintaining safety at all times.

Bunker vessel operations:

In addition to the above, additional modules are also available that focus on the operations and procedures that will have to be conducted on board a bunker supply vessel during a bunker transfer operation and the period whilst waiting between operations, with LNG on board.

GO for LNG

A modular training program that provides answers to the various questions that arise when considering the most appropriate systems to use in the design of an LNG fuelled vessel.

By carefully considering all the options available both for LNG containment and Fuel Gas Handling Systems, during teh course of undertaing the modules the attendees learn what are the most important aspects that need to be considered when determining the design of the vessel they wish to use.