Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Looking for the ability to provide training in real operations with LNG?  If so, our Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, (or LNG Operations Simulator) may provide the solution.  In order to meet the future and present training needs in the LNG industries both maritime and onshore, GTT Training Ltd provide an excellent Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator. Located in our purpose built training centre, it supports the full range of LNG courses for all your training needs.

Our particular LNG Simulator has been developed in-house by GTT Training. Incorporating the accumulated wealth of experience we have with Liquid Natural Gas behaviour and many years’ experience in producing training simulator, it’s been designed specifically for the handling of liquefied gas in all environments. No matter where you work, our training will be perfect for your individual requirements.

Using configurable ship models, our instructors can select the most appropriate way for all training to be conducted. Our simple-to-use but effective touch trainee interface also ensures all levels of experience will be catered for.

The simulator allows any operation undertaken in the real world to be conducted using this equipment and it can be used with any size/type of LNG carrier, be it big or small, a vessel using LNG as fuel, or for a Land Based Storage Applications.

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