ELENGY and GTT Training Ltd combine the extensive resources and experience of both organisations to offer a new course in the handling of LNG for both shore (truck) and marine personnel.

Providing a detailed introduction for both truck drivers (1 day) and marine personnel (2 days) in to the handling of LNG, and what is required to ensure a LNG transfer or bunkering operation is conducted in a safe and efficient manner. The course also allows attendees to benefit from practical insights and advice from skilled and professional operators with experience in both sectors.

Conducted on regular basis at the ELENGY LNG terminal in Montoir, the course includes practical demonstrations and exercises using the truck loading and firefighting facilities available on site. On demand, the course may also be adapted to be performed at the Elengy LNG terminals of Fos-sur-Mer.

Who is it for:

  • All personnel who may be engaged in the transfer of LNG using trucks for the bunkering of vessels using LNG as a fuel.
  • Mariners who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the issues that have to be considered
  • Anybody who will be engaged in LNG bunkering activities

Syllabus: This one or two day training course is designed to bring delegates up to date with the technical, practical and safety-related aspects of using LNG as a source of fuel for ships and includes the following subjects:

All attendees

  • What is LNG and how does it behave
  • The requirements to ensure transfers are completed safely
  • LNG bunker delivery methods
  • Evaluation of typical incidents that can occur with truck deliveries of LNG
  • Visit to the truck loading facilities
  • Emergency response, fire fighting, including hands on experience

Additional subjects for Marine personnel

  • Hazards and risk identification, risk assessments
  • Regulations applicable to the use of LNG as a fuel
  • Types and construction of storage tanks
  • Management of LNG Fuel Tanks
  • Marine bunkering process (truck to ship, ship to ship)
  • Introduction to gas fuelled engines and fuel gas handling systems
  • Quality and quantity measurement

Methodology: Mixture of lectures, discussion and assessment

Certification: Upon completion each delegate will receive a certificate issued by GTT Training.

Duration: 1 day (Truck personnel) or 2 days (Marine personnel)

Location: Elengy LNG terminal in Montoir, France or can be adapted to be delivered at the Elengy LNG terminals of Fos-sur-Mer, France

Instructors: Highly skilled operatives from both ELENGY and GTT Training

Schedule: On request

Price: On request

Contact: For further information please complete and submit the form below or Phone: +44 (0)7909 101682

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