Who is it for:
A modular course designed for those who would like to understand the design options that are available when considering a ship that is fuelled by LNG, and the economic rationale that underlies each of the systems. Completion of modules 1 & 2 will provide the knowledge to be able to select a type of LNG tank solution and the associated Fuel Gas Handling System that would be the most suitable for a particular situation and integrate it into a ship design based on the applicable commercial and regulatory constraints. Modules 3 & 4 then provide more detail on how the membrane systems may be best implemented.

Syllabus: This is a modular course designed to enable attendees to select the level of information that they require :

Module 1 (2 days)

Provides answers to the questions:
Why should I switch to LNG?, What is the rationale choice for my particular application?, Will the boil off gas be an issue for my tanks?, Which technology is best suited to my capacity requirements?, and includes:

  • An introduction to the development of LNG as a fuel
  • Available LNG tank technologies
  • Rationale choice between Membrane, Type B or Type C tank systems
  • Implication of keeping LNG cold
  • The selection of the Fuel Gas Handling Systems
  • Review of case studies including Container vessels, Ferries and a VLOC

Module 2 (3 days)

Provides answers to the questions:
Which Fuel Gas Handling System is the optimal choice for my tank solution?, What is the best solution to handle the boil off gas?, What are the design rules applicable to membrane type vessels?, What is the holding time in my tanks?, What about partial filling, and will sloshing be an issue that I have to consider?, and includes:

  • Integration of tanks in a ship design
  • Design of membrane based systems
  • Gas Fuelled Engines
  • Scope of GTT's engineering
  • Smart BOG management
  • Implications of pressure within LNG tanks
  • Sloshing
  • Continuation of the case studies
  • Visit to the GTT laboratories

Module 3 (2 days)

Provides answers to the questions:
How are the appropriate membrane systems constructed?, Which membrane technology should i use for an application?, How much time do I need to allow for the erection process?, What skills do I require to build membrane systems?, and includes:

  • Building principles. prefabrication requiremenst and erection sequences for the particular system

Module 4 (3 days)

Provides answers to the questions:
What are the costs associated with using membrane systems?, What is the minimum investment required before construction?, Is it better to use the current supply chain or build a dedicated factory for my application? and includes:

  • Detailed investigation of the various costs that have to be considered using different case studies

Methodology: Mixture of lectures, discussion and assessment

Certification: Upon completion each delegate will receive a certificate issued by GTT.

Duration: Module 1 = 2 days, Module 2 = 3 days (usually combined into 1 x 5 day session), Module 3 = 2 days, Module 4 = 3 days

Location: At our dedicated training centre located at the GTT HO, at St Remy les Chevreuse, 40 mins west of Paris. If you have more than 15 persons, it is also possible to provide the course at a location convenient to you. Please ask for more details.

Instructors: Experts from within GTT

Schedule: Sessions for modules 1 & 2 are scheduled as follows in 2016:

* 11th - 15th April
* 9th - 13th May
* 30th May - 3rd June
* 18th July - 22nd July
* 12th Sept - 16th Sept
* 17th Oct - 21st Oct
* 14th Nov - 18th Nov
* 12th Dec - 16th Dec

Price: Modules 1+2 = Basic €2,100, Premium (inc accommodation) €2,600 (excl VAT) per person.

Contact: For further information please complete and submit the form below or Phone: +44 (0)7909 101682

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