Who is it for: Designed for anybody who is interested in the fundamentals of the global LNG market and how the LNG industry operates with regards to commercial issues. Consequently the course is very suited to those personnel involved in or interested in contracting, trading, project development and shipping

Syllabus: The course is modular in format and the modules can be combined by the client to provide a program that is specific to your requirements and organisation


Day One

Gas and LNG Fundamentals 1.1 Gas and LNG Fundamentals 1.2 Energy Balances, Oil & Gas Reserves, Terms & Definitions 1.3 Gas Value Chain 1.4 Market Sectors and Main Gas Consumers 1.5 World Gas and LNG Markets 1.6 LNG Chain 1.7 Historical Aspects of LNG Markets in Asia-Pacific:

Project Agreements and Financing 2.1 Production Sharing Agreements 2.2 Joint Ventures (JVs), Risk Service Contracts, EPCM Contracts 2.3 Commercial Structures for Liquefaction and Regasification 2.4 LNG Project Financing. 2.5 Recent Case Studies

Day Two

LNG Sales and Purchase Agreements 3.1 LNG Sales and Purchase Agreements 3.2 Risk Sharing Approach, and Value Drivers 3.3 Long-term Sales & Purchase Agreements: Negotiation Process 3.4 LNG Spot Trade Masters SPA, Individuals Cargo Contracts 3.5 LNG Commercial Trends & Impact of Globalisation 3.6 Commercial Ops & Administration of SPAs and Spot Purchases

Gas and LNG Storage and Transportation 4.1 Gas and LNG Storage and Transportation 4.2 Pipeline Transportation for Transportation of LNG 4.3 Main Containment Technologies 4.4 LNG Shipping: Main Players, Existing Fleet 4.5 LNG Transportation related Contracts 4.6 LNG Containment Systems 4.7 Floating Terminals: FLNG, FPSO, FRSU & FSO

Day Three

Analysis of LNG Markets 5.1 Country Analysis of LNG Markets & Projects: 5.2 Case Study: Japan, Korea, Taiwan: Traditional Markets 5.3 Case Study: Australia and Russia 5.4 Case Study: China and India 5.5 Case Study: Malaysia and Indonesia - Exporter to Import 5.6 Case Study: Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam: New Markets 5.7 Case Study: Singapore as a New LNG Aggregate Market

Gas and LNG Pricing 6.1 Mastering Gas and LNG Pricing 6.2 Fundamentals of LNG Pricing Strategy and Price Indexation 6.3 Pricing in LNG Sales & Purchase Agreements 6.4 Price Reviews 6.5 International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Day Four

New Trends in LNG 7.1 New Trends in the Global LNG Industry: 7.2 Increasing Gas Supply and Gas Consuming Countries 7.3 Shale Gas: Regulations & Environmental Aspects 7.4 American Shale Gas in Asia-Pac 7.5 LNG as Bunkering Fuel 7.6 Small scale LNG

Methodology: Mixture of lectures, workshops and discussion

Certification: Upon completion each delegate will receive a certificate issued by GTT Training Ltd.

Duration: 1 to 4 days depending upon the modules selected

Location: Can take place at a time or place of your convenience or at our dedicated training centre located at St Remy les Chevreuse, 40 mins west of Paris

Instructors: The course will be facilitated by Mr Victor Snegir:

  • Business development executive in the energy and mineral sector with 20 years professional experience
  • Senior adviser to Russia and CIS countries
  • Commercial Director of $25 bln Russian Sakhalin 2 Project
  • Visiting lecturer at European School of Economics, London

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